Fight or Flight Self Defense
We know that the empowerment value alone makes a Fight or Flight Self Defense training solution one of the best investments you could ever make. But don't take our word for it.


These are just a few of our Raving Fans!

"I came here wanting to learn to protect myself since I don't walk so well anymore. I hope I wasted the entire morning being here. I really hope I did. But if I didn't, you'll see me on the news, and the guy will be in jail!" Shawn M.--Teacher

"An excellent seminar that I would definitely recommend to others." Chandra--Accountant

"Dawn seemed very knowledgeable and made the seminar interesting and held my attention. I especially liked the techniques presented, and definitely feel confident in my ability to apply them. It was excellent." Tom--Chiropractor

"Great presenter! Credibility is high. I particularly liked learning more about attackers in general. Seminar was great! So much content. Good Stuff!" Name withheld-- Home Maker

"Being small and in not that good of shape, I know that even with my size, I can still get you down.When the adrenaline flows--I was really tough! It's like I have that confidence behind me that if I get in a situation, I can do it, especially if I was trying to protect my child. But also I have two young daughters, in college and they need it! I want them to take it!" Margaret S.--Computer Specialist

"I started out not wanting to have to run in the scenario, and that freaked me out a bit, but now I feel like, "I got through this", so I feel like I'm much more empowered than I was...I feel like a have choices now, and my mind will automatically know what to do, so thank you."Rita D.-- Teacher

"I liked the training because it made me face some things that I had put way down deep and if I hadn't had to bring it up in a real life situation, I would never have dealt with them." Barbara B.--Teacher

"I thought the seminar was excellent. Dawn's presentation was very interesting, and as a result, I learned something very important about myself that I had never thought about before today. I really liked the defensive techniques, and feel confident in my ability to apply them. Would like to do more of the same." .Edna--Guest Support












"I'm really glad I took the class because I'm leaving for school. I didn't know that there were people out there who would jump out of their car to attack. I didn't know what I would do if something happened to me and now I do. It was really good. Who says a girl can't beat up a guy? I had fun." Dini P.--College Student

"An excellent seminar! It was well organized, interesting and held my attention. Dawn was very knowledgeable. I really like the multi-sensory approach to the training. I think it's really're actually putting yourself in a scenario, and I like having a specific action plan. I think it comes back to you when you need it. I felt good. It's a really good class. And the fights. I really liked that part! The seminar is an excellent value, and one that I have recommended to others.!" Sarah H.-- Principal

"I think that being able to do it with a live person is so much better because if anything did happen even though you think you won't remember it, I think you would have immediate recall. You may not think you will, but it'll kick in for you before you know it. It's like learning CPR, sometimes you're across the floor before you even realize you're across the floor. It makes it a lot easier. Thank y'all." Catherine M.--Magnet Coordinator

"The seminar was excellent--one that I would recommend to others. It was well organized and Dawn definitely seemed very knowledgeable. Great for the length. I especially liked that our female staff could be introduced to this information. Thank you ! Fount F.--Finance Dept.

"The safety tips were definitely helpful. I feel confident in my ability to apply the techniques presented. Dawn made the subject matter interesting and held my attention. I especially liked learning how not to be a victim, and how to prevent an attack. The seminar is an excellent value, and one that I would definitely recommend to others."Name withheld--Home Maker

"The seminar information was easy to understand, the techniques easy to learn and apply. I especially liked learning how to establish verbal boundaries, and being reminded of the importance of heeding the unction of the Holy Spirit. I would recommend this seminar to others. It was an excellent investment of my time today." Erica--Program Director

"The seminar was well organized, with very helpful safety tips and techniques that I feel confident I could use. Dawn definitely seemed very knowledgeable, as she made the information interesting, and demonstrated techniques that were easy to learn. The seminar was an excellent investment of my time today, and I feel more confident that I will live more safely as a result. Melissa--Manager Guest Services

"Actually being able to practice, it makes a huge difference! It'll be there if you should ever need to use it". Elizabeth C.--Teacher

"I'm very non-confrontational and always unaware my surroundings. I've used that as my protector. Today I got to feel through being aware of my surroundings and I feel good about it." Nancy M.--Teacher

"One of the things my family has always had a hard time with is that we laugh a lot and we joke a lot and we take things not as serious as they need to be, and this kind of puts things back into perspective. And that natural response we have as women is to just back down because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, like "we don't want to hurt him"..., and this training allows us to think outside of that, and the doing it over and over again makes you remember things and it becomes a natural thought, a part of your memory and brings me back and forth to that thought that "Oh yeah, I shouldn't talk to that guy". Arlene M.--Day Spa Owner

"One of the things I really honed in on was the importance of not being timid. I've always been aware of my surroundings, but never to the point that.... I never wanted to come into contact with anyone confrontationally, and the training really helped. It felt good! I felt like, man, I can really do this now. Thank you so much!" Shirley W.--Communications

"I found the content relevant and useful for my day to day life. The information was easy to understand, and the techniques easy to learn and apply. I would definitely recommend this seminar to others, and plan to implement it into my company's corporate wellness program." Jeni H.--Wellness Program Coordinator