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The need for empowerment is great. Our mission is to empower adults of all ages and children by providing education, practical tools and techniques that you can use to facilitate your personal safety as you go about your daily life.

Personal empowerment or the lack thereof, affects us in every area of our lives. Whether in our homes, careers, relationships, or the dreams we pursue, our overall effectiveness is largely impacted by how empowered we feel. A sense of safety and security is a basic human need-- second only to our most basic physiological needs-- bringing a sense of predictability, order, and familiarity to our world. Fight or Flight Self Defense’s vision--through safety awareness and personal protection training--is to help women to satisfy this basic human need. One that once met, frees us to grow in every other area of our lives.

Our Team
Our team represents over 50 years experience in the martial arts. Our backgrounds include a variety of martial arts and self defense disciplines as regular practitioners as well as in the areas of training, and competition. Having trained people of all experience and fitness levels extensively for nearly two decades, we are well acquainted with the nuances of training women, as well as those under which an attacker operates when attacking a woman as opposed to a man—there are differences! Accommodating these differences is the foundation of our training, and ensures that the techniques that you learn are techniques that will work for you.

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Who We Are and Why we Do What We Do