Fight or Flight Self Defense Programs

Fight or Flight Self Defense offers a array of safety awareness, violence prevention, conflict resolution and personal safety training to help you live more safely. Whether you're 8 or 80, Fight or Flight Self Defense has a training solution to meet your needs.

We offer public seminars as well as on-site training for your corporate group, club, or other special group.

Fight or Flight? When faced with a potentially violent encounter or a confrontation of any sort--know your options. Fight or Flight Self Defense not only provides you with the tools to effectively evaluate your options, but also the tools to emerge victoriously, whichever option you choose.

While not every encounter turns violent, with a violent crime occuring every 39.9 seconds, wouldn't you like to have a plan? Fight or Flight Self Defense is your source for FAST Combatives personal protection training, (or self defense, if you prefer). FAST Combatives is rapidly gaining international recognition for the exceptionally high quality and effectiveness of the program, and is the foundation of all Fight or Flight Self Defense training programs. Click on the link above to learn why you should make it your training program of choice.