Fight or Flight Self Defense Programs
FAST Combatives Founders

Dik Chance

Dik worked for 25 years for the UK Ministry of Defence. He is an expert on fear in all its guises. Dik grew up in one of the most violent areas of the UK, but came to formal martial arts training quite late in life. He immediately recognized the difference between that training and his real experience. He was one of the first people to introduce fear adrenal stress training to Europe. He has published many articles on the subject of fear and awareness. Dik developed much of the FAST Combatives syllabus.

Bill Kipp

With over 20 years of teaching this highly specialized training, Bill has logged over 50,000 live adrenal stress scenarios against students ranging from children, teens, moms, and dads with no previous training, to Martial Arts Experts and professional fighters. Bill served in the elite 3rd Marine Recon Teams specializing in Counter Terrorism and testing security at top-secret military installations. A 5th Degree Black Belt with over 31 years in the Martial Arts, Mr. Kipp lived in Asia where he worked as a movie stuntman, bouncer, and bodyguard. His unique talents and methodologies have drawn corporations such as Lucent Technology, Lockheed Martin, MCI, and more, to contract him to teach self-defense, team building, and conflict resolution trainings for management and employees. Bill has authored several DVDs and Books on Self Defense.