Fight or Flight Self Defense Programs
Corporate Training


Customized Training Solutions

Fight or Flight Self Defense offers training for your corporate group, club or other special group. Our training solutions are adaptable to your group's unique needs, and can be customized to accomodate your scheduling needs.

In addition to the obvious benefits of training, such as greater self confidence, self control and a greater sense of calm in day-to-day life; greater overall awareness; more effective communication and conflict resolution skills; Fight or Flight Self Defense's "corporate" training provides an excellent vehicle for team building--improving overall motivation and productivity by:

  • Promoting bonding, trust and cooperation as participants support one another while sharing this very empowering experience.
  • Encouraging individual development while bringing all members together for a common cause.
  • Improving morale and leadership skills.
  • Fostering creativity and problem solving skills.

Whether you are a business owner, employer, manager, lead or participate in a group, Fight or Flight Self Defense's corporate training can help you grow in cohesiveness and harmony as a group, as you learn to live more safely. Contact us today to discuss the Fight or Flight Self Defense solution that best meets your group's needs.








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