Fight or Flight Self Defense Programs
Training For Women

Women's Self Defense

There are times when women prefer the support and encouragement that only a sisterhood provides. Fight or Flight Self Defense accommodates this special need by offering seminars specifically for women.

Our women specific seminar--Lioness Fighting Systems--provides all the benefits of the FAST Combatives training in an environment that allows us to further explore those specific issues that serve to compromise a woman's personal safety. Women of all shapes, sizes, ages, walks of life, and survivors of circumstance are empowered by this training, in ways that extend far beyond the area of personal safety.


Our women specific training is also an excellent vehicle for preparing young ladies aged 13 and above for that very challenging transition into womanhood--equipping them early on with the tools to establish healthy boundaries and resolve conflict effectively--leaving them much less susceptible to peer pressure, as they develop the confidence to live by the courage of their convictions and how to communicate this in a positive and constructive manner--all while learning to live more safely.